this weekend

Saturday was a gorgeous day with absolute, perfect warm fall weather. We slept in a little, then dressed up in our costumes. Hub and I were John Lennon and Yoko Ono:

Easiest costumes ever. He was my best accessory:

Right? Can you even tell which one's real?

And weren't they cool together?

The kiddos wanted to wear their costumes from last year again instead of getting new ones, so we had a scary clown:

And a scary black robe skeleton face with a pump thingamajig that you use to pump blood down the mask...

much less scary when playing rock band:

We went down to a haunted house that was really pretty freaky, but not so much since it was still early afternoon. There were sections where you had to walk ahead into pitch blackness, and hubby led us fearlessly. There was also a bug room with strobe lights and roaches (fake, I think) everywhere, which for me was the scariest part. It was just us and one other couple behind us; the lady was going crazy screaming and crying and stuff which kind of added to the atmosphere.

Then we walked about downtown a little bit and had some Tex-Mex. We came home early for a movie marathon, and I have to say we picked the perfect Halloween movies. We started with Fido (rated R, but really should not be) and then Beetlejuice - fun and campy movies (with just enough to still scare the boys a touch, which surprised me).

Then we took a break for pumpkin ice cream and hot apple cider, and after it got dark outside, watched Poltergeist. It's only PG, but, man, so scary. I was hoping the boys wouldn't think it was lame (like the first time I watched The Exorcist after hearing for years how scary it was), and they didn't. They were really freaked out and said it was the scariest movie they had ever seen!

(By the way, can we talk about Marc Jacobs' tattoo? I don't get it.)

Perfect movie marathon, but if there was a movie missing, it'd be Zombieland. I love that one.

So, anyway, Happy Halloween!

Is it time to put up my Christmas tree now?

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