our roommate

Husband mentioned yesterday that it seems like we share this apartment with our cat, but live completely independent lives, and it is so true. He is still so wild. He visits us, but then spends the rest of the day doing his own thing.

happy 4th anniversary

Four years seem so much shorter and so much faster all at the same time. I feel so lucky every day to have met (and married) my soulmate!

I love you!

day at the spa

Today, I went with a friend and got a facial for the first time. I would have probably never gone alone, or without having her describe step-by-step what was going to happen, because I am the kind of person who gets really stressed if I have to do something without being able to visualize every step and know that I will know exactly how to act. It's okay when I'm doing new things with my husband - he'll protect me! - but alone, no way. I've gotten better, but that doesn't extend to voluntary events like facials.

The verdict: It was fun! So fun that I would do it again, even alone. I wouldn't go, say, before an event to make my skin look great (I didn't really see a difference), but I would go just for a relaxing, indulgent experience. My lady also told me two things about my skin: 1) it's dehydrated and that I need to drink much more water, and 2) I don't have very much sun damage (which totally validates my SPF 70!).

The most exciting part, for me, was that I splurged on a brand-new grown-up skin-care line! No more drugstore facewash, now I have a multi-step regimen, including daily cleanser and moisturizer (and soon eye cream, they were out), and weekly clay mask and retinol cream. I have been really annoyed at my skin for a long time, and am really hopeful that this will improve/prevent things. But mostly, I just feel grown-up.


(These photographs have nothing to do with this post, but I really loved this editorial in Elle's March 2011 issue. It's Katy Perry, of course, shot by Carter Smith. [via])

So, I had a little thought about the resolutions. I've been sucking so much on them, I thought it may be helpful to break them up into tiny doable parts. So, with that in mind, here's what I want to accomplish this month, resolution-wise:

Read: Finish the books that I've already started on: A Spy in the House of Love, I Am Ozzy, and Jude the Obscure.

Eat healthier: One piece of fresh fruit a day. Insanely doable.

Cook more: Make one new recipe. An actual recipe and not just throwing things together.

Play guitar better: Pick up the guitar one time and play it.

Like the way I look: Get a hair cut.

Exercise: Exercise one tiny time. Just do it.

Keep keeping the house clean: Spray for bugs, since winter's over and they are all starting to come out.

Wake up early: This one is super easy but I always forget: Set my alarm.

Diary/Blog and photos: Take a picture every time I put on a dress/skirt. Or red lipstick.

Improve day-to-day apartment living: Order that vacuum!