up at 7 am

how did that happen?

some randomness: the weekend's here again, been loving youtube--since we have no tv--mostly watch family guyamerican idol and colbert report clips. but when i rented the whole family guy it really sucked. jack had good news at work, maybe very good. snow is so pretty today, not dirty like last weekend. i like the scrape of the snow plows in the streets. ever seen snow bigger than an suv?

you have now. from last weekend. when i found out that the earth will be destroyed by an asteroid in 30 years unless the u.n. stops it, ?. we might be psychic. my sister is about to publish her very first book. for once in my life i'm not tired. the princess bride, how i love that movie. i think i need to get out today. there are no guarantees.

so pretty

i watched sophia coppolo's marie antoinette last night. it was a gorgeous movie, real eye-candy. it was like turning this room into a feature-length film.

glad i didn't make the boy watch it with me, it's really something girls can appreciate much more. i mean, he's not so into shoes and hair and pretty dresses...

the movie's web site's very darling also.


it's dark and dreary here. it's raining, when it should be snowing. i've been here all winter, and i can count the number of times it snowed on one hand. i feel really jipped, i have to say.

to cheer myself up i am eating m&m cookies (my favorite) and watching my favorite version of alice an wonderland. i love this one so much. it first came out when i was in grade school, and my teacher sent home a newspaper with the movie script in it, so i was able to read along to the movie.

when i was little, i loved reading more than anything else, especially tv. maybe that's what made it so enchanting for me? and my mom taped it, so my sister and i watched it many, many times throughout our childhoods. Natalie Gregory will always be the real alice to me. sigh. 

anyway, after almost buying the old vhs's on ebay many, many times, my mom surprised me with the dvd. it's released everywhere i think, and through the looking glass is included:

good a time as any to recount some of my other favorite alice in wonderland things of all time:

this very comprehensive alice in wonderland site, but i especially love the film and tv productions across the years section.

this picture of drew barrymore being sort of a bad alice with her cigarette. i used to have a signed copy of this when i was younger. i used to have a huge crush on drew. (i love all of the pictures of her by mark seliger, actually all of his pictures are worth looking at. the one below is in his book, physiognomy, which i love and want...)

the alice in wonderland vouge photo spread by annie leibovitz witch shows natalia vodianova in all of these fabulous alice gowns by famous designers reenacting the scenes. and i'm sure you've seen this, but if not, you have to look. now. right now. (i did want annie's new book also, but after browsing it in borders, totally changed my mind.) my favorites are below, but it's really hard to pick.

the statue in central park, which took my a long time and several trips to find it's sort of hidden out in the open, if you will:

(this picture is from the central park website, i've actually never seen this statue not covered with children...)

this photography book by anna gaskell. although her wonder photographs are much more influenced by alice than of alice.


there are no guarantees in life, are there? i ask.

there are no guarantees
, he says.

but he doesn't know it is a trick and his answer is the wrong one.

cell phone

i have to take pictues, print, and mail them today for that photo swap and i don't want to. it's taken the fun out of taking pictures and made it more like a homework assignment that i procrastinate in the worst way.

oh, well, here are some pictures from my old cell phone. it's been replaced by a shiny new model, but you know i really don't like the new one any better. i guess i was more attached to my dinkly old phone tha i though. although i won't miss it powering off arbitrarily due to the crack to the thing holding it together. oh, well.

my sister in the hospital a few years ago, oooh, she's going to be mad.

oysters on the half shell at acme, new orleans style.

1/4 of a mufaletta and abita amber beer.

baby bowling with bumpers and a rolling lane in baton rouge, la.

sign posted in the new orleans airport.