barbie's gotten so cool!

I'm not going to lie, seeing this kind of stuff makes me really want a daughter.


Last weekend, we went to a sweet little wedding. I can't remember the last time I was in a church, and it was really nice. And, I wore my new dress. I bought it on our trip to Buffalo Exchange (for under $20!), and thought then that it would be perfect for a daytime wedding.

Bubble hem:

Hubby wore a yellow bow-tie and everyone commented on how coordinated we were.

Then we went and tried a new restaurant that was really good except that I spilled all down my new (old) dress!

war and peace vs. the tipping point

The higher the human intellect rises in the revelation of these purposes, the more obvious it becomes that the ultimate purpose is beyond our comprehension.

Different books in every way, except some similar points that the big things that happen are the results of a multitude of many tiny things (infinitesimally small elements) added up. I think The Tipping Point is more about the possibility of harnessing this, while War and Peace is basically that nothing can be controlled, ever really, since then any change anywhere along the way would (could) have produced a different result. Free will? Destiny? Chaos? I don't know.

I was wondering how come there are no War and Peace movies out there, and, of course, I was completely wrong:

Audrey Hepburn?!

Anthony Hopkins?!

Now the question is which one to watch?

pizza night

Yesterday, we made homemade (sort of) pizza. It came out of an assortment of boxes, cans, and bags. Perfect fun sort of meal that you can keep on hand, and pop in whenever. It's amazing to me when all this:

...turns into real food. Everybody got a little section and put their own toppings on -mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, and extra cheese - and then once baked it was so good! It definitely tasted better than the picture looks!

summer style

Usually summertime calls for bright, even neon, nail polish, but this year I'm not feeling it. I still love dark short nails, like Drew Barrymore has here on the cover of Elle:

I'm also loving her handwritten-style text tattoo stay true to your heart, although I'm not sure if it's permanent.

Lake Tahoe

Got back at midnight on Saturday, rested on Sunday, got back into the groove on Monday (exercise and guitar practice!), and today I'm ready to think about Lake Tahoe again...

There are mountains and Christmas-y pines everywhere, which is weird to me to see in the summer:

I could have lived in our hotel room - a bedroom, living room with sofa bed and fireplace, kitchen, and a giant bathroom with a separate shower and the deepest bathtub I've ever been in:

The resort pool was super nice too, with a water slide and pretty scenery all around:

Here's my new hat to cope with the sun, combined with massive amounts of spf 50+ reapplied all day long, I didn't even get a tan.

But I did finish reading War and Peace (!):

We went rafting on the last day, which I think was everybody's favorite:

And then a long trip back home:

It's good to be home.


PiƱa colada and pool day.

Lake tahoe!

Pine trees and mountains, some with snowy peaks, everywhere you look...


Already at the airport. I never natives the little designs on the back of the chairs, little flying hearts. I think I will be able to finish War and Peace by the time we come home on Saturday!

apartment love

This is what I love most about our apartment:

See them all? Everybody deep into their own thing: husband at the little table playing guitar, boy number 1 on the sofa playing Wii, boy number 2 on the top bunk playing Runescape and watching a James Bond movie, and me sitting on my bed. And in a traditional place we might all be off in closed rooms, but here we can still talk to and see each other almost all the time. I really love that.

Oooh, can you spot the packed bags? We are leaving for a short vacation very early tomorrow morning!


I been so sad all day, I miss my husband so much. It feels like he's been gone for so long.

Pictures like this do not help, I feel like he's having adventures/experiences without me.

Summer Fashion Inspiration

When I'm on the internet, I basically save every image that grabs my eye to a folder on my computer. Then every so often I go through the folder (usually when the husband's out of town, that also when I wind up digging out old boxes and ruffling through them, or cleaning out the jewelry box, or other mundane tasks that I strangely find so fun sometimes), and invariably some themes emerge. It's fun to see what's inspiring me at a given time. Right now, I love...

summer hats:

heeled lace-up boots (with dresses!):

beach-wavy brown hair:

Loads of rings:

(Click image for source, if I could find it. I really need to organize myself, and save all this fruitless searching for image credits...)

happy birthday...

to my lovely husband.

Instead of birthday cake, he blew out candles in chocolate turtle brownies. We also had tiny molten lava cakes. They both came from box mixes and I was surprised how good they were considering. Served with homemade whipped cream.

4th of July Weekend recap

Independence Day came and went and brought lots of stuff with it.

Stuff like eating way too much:

and sunbathing in my new white bikini:

in the backyard that I grew up in:

And watching hubby playing sharks and monsters:

with the boys:

and nieces and nephews:

And then eating some more, like (farm-fresh egg) flag cakes and yellow watermelons:

Then on the way home, we wound up stuck on the side of interstate in the rain:

It was a scary two hours.

But then finally the tow truck came:

and the boys and I got to eat (the surprise best) Mexican food while hubby went to rent a car for us to finish our journey.