CameraBag, I love you.

Oh my, I almost screamed out loud when I saw that they are making Camera Bag for mac! This is my all-time favorite iPhone app, and what I use to edit all my blog photos. Now I can post filtered non-iPhone camera pics - without having to email them to myself, save to my iPhone, edit, then email back to myself, and download to the computer. Which was a little ridiculous, don't you think? No more wishing for Photoshop! Here are a few filtered Halloween photos, to celebrate.

Which of these things are not like the other?

It was strange, but most of the little girls liked this costume, kept coming up to him and smiling and waving and stuff. I think they though he was a puppy.

The winner of the scary contest. There's just something about a clown.

Although personally I though this was the scariest. His mask had a pump that you fill with fake blood and hold in your hand to make blood pour down your face...

When I was young I was always a princess or a rag doll or a rock star or something like that. And since I was an adult, I've been a cowgirl, police woman, fairy, a pink-and-black cat, and now red riding hood. I think next year I'll be a gothic vampire or zombie prom queen or something. Or at the very least a witch.

Speaking of Halloween, this Vogue page got magneted to the fridge to remind me to keep me away from the kids' candy. Gisele's stomach is sick, no? Maybe I should tape her to the tv instead, to remind me that the stack of exercise tapes is not just for looks...

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