silver skulls

The most perfect, sexy, sandals...

and the reason I'm on a shopping diet. Well, part of the reason. I've been shopping crazy since Rome.


We've been thinking about and looking for dining tables and chairs for a while now, and found just the perfect one. It's very very heavy, big enough for a small dinner party and has just the right personality for our place I think, especially combined with the light modern chairs. I love it!

Hubby was going to string twinkle lights above the table, but when we tested them we kinda liked them in a jumbled mess, so he made a pendant lamp out of them instead. I can't tell if it's cool or tacky (both?), but I absolutely love it! I've been wanting more hot pink lights and this is a perfect use for them! During the day, the skylights give so much light, but at night the twinkle lights add a little glow.

We repurposed the centerpiece from another place in the apartment and brought home this skull to replace it on the old pedestal:

I feel like our place is so complete now, like a real home!


Just finished watching all six seasons of Sex and the City... maybe I should reward myself with some Jimmy Choos?

Not really... I am on a shopping diet (forever). Loved the show, except the last season went a little downhill, and as always loved New York!

new glasses!

One of the things we bought in Rome are these MOSCOT frames that the hub's been wanting for a while:

Made in New York City by a company that has been around forever (read about it here) with classic styles that have been worn by some cool guys:

search for perfect red lipstick continues...

I know I'm a bit late on the Russian Red bandwagon. I just hadn't tried it 'cause I was sure it would be too blue-ish for or look just hot pink on me like some other bright reds. Surprise - I really like it. It's very red, wears well, and has a matte finish that I really love.

Ignore everything but the lipstick - which I'm noticing looks more orange-y in this iphone pic than it does in real life. (Oh, and my new gingham shirt from J.Crew, which I've wanted ever since I saw these pictures ages ago...)

The internet says that these reds are also Russian Red, and I believe them!




and Zooey:

She is too cute!

So, this is embarrassing, but one book that I really love is The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. Basically, it lists and describes the one hundred pieces every stylish woman must own according to Ms. Garcia. Red lipstick is definitely in there and a good place to start if you are looking for the perfect red. Some that she recommends are Chanel Red No.5, MAC Ruby Woo, Clinique Angel Red (I have and love! It's more everyday red than evening out, but it wears off way too fast on me.), Cover Girl Really Red, NARS Fire Down Below, and her list goes on but I won't. I love this book - my closet goal is to eventually have all one hundred!


Finally, Rome. It rivals New York City for my favorite city on earth. I did not want to come home, which is unusual for me after a week-long trip. People were friendly and fun to watch, the language was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, shopping was everywhere, food was wonderful, wine and cappuccinos were the best anywhere, and every street was just incredible.

I was pretty scared before we went after reading so much about pick-pockets, but we made it through with no problems. I would say, ignore most of that, just be careful - I am everywhere -and keep hold of your valuables, especially in a crowd. And just to be safe we avoided buses and subways, which was easy to do if you stay downtown where you can walk just about anywhere you want to go. Late February to early March is the perfect time to go, I think. I wasn't crowded at all yet, but everything was open.

Juliette Lewis and The Licks

Juliette Lewis has a band? How did I not know this? She has got to be one of the most awesome people alive...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

to my wonderful perfect husband. I am so glad we are married.

Number 0:

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:


Hubby is gone for one day, and so I cleaned the house and rented The September Issue to watch with my coffee. It's only five minutes into the movie, but I already love Andre Leon Talley for calling a bleak fashion week a "famine of beauty." I need to subscribe to Vogue.

Spring break is over, but spring is finally here. Little birds are building a nest outside our bedroom window, like somehow right outside in a crack in the wall, and all day long I hear them working and chirping.

Audrey Tautou

All of our Blockbusters are going out of business, which means we have nowhere to rent movies and more importantly that I picked up these three great foreign films (plus some action blu-rays for the kids) for a bargain! I'd previously rented each of them and they are so cute, love Audrey Tautou.

Ooh, and I still can't wait to see Coco Avant Chanel!

happy St. Patrick's day

we celebrated with green beer...

and reubens (since they were sold out of corned beef and cabbage)...

spring break

why is jiffy pop so much better than regular popcorn when you're a kid?

i've been watching for three years and this is the first time it's been noticeable that the river's been dyed green for St. Patrick's Day:

Alice in Wonderland, oh, why did you need to make up a story? Wasn't the original good enough?

Guess this will always be my favorite:

I've cooked dinner every night since Saturday, with only one major mess-up: too many brown bottles led to stuffed bell peppers seasoned with Premium fish sauce.

Didn't realize until they were in the oven.