all these things that i've done

2009 was a wonderful year, filled with lots of flying and driving but still lots of quiet moments in between.


San Antonio (New Years):

San Francisco:


New Orleans (Mardi Gras):


Gardner State Park (Spring Break):

Palo Alto (2nd Anniversary):










New Orleans (4th of July):

Boston (train to/from NYC):


New Orleans (again):

Gardner State Park:


San Diego:

Tyler (Halloween):


New apartment:


Houston (Christmas):

christmas morning...

took place for us on the evening of the 26th...

Santa brought lots of legos and Wii and PSP games for the kids.

Finally, Wii RockBand was unveilled, so we can stop having to put it away when the kids are here!

merry christmas

We had planned to fly back from Boston on Christmas day and spend the night at the Houston airport hotel. Even though we cancelled the trip to Boston, we decided to drive to Houston anyway and booked a room at the Four Seasons instead. It was so nice to be in a posh hotel for the holiday, and have a nice Christmas dinner at the hotel restaurant, Quattro. It really felt like a vacation!

Dinner was great, it amazes me that I spend so much time with my husband and we still have such great dinner conversations...

Good wine:

An antipasta buffet:

Followed by seafood stuffed flounder (for me):

And then a dessert buffet:

We sampled a little bit of everything...

Afterwards, we hit the bar for a few more drinks and then back to the room, where we were awakened at 12:30 am by a fire alarm!

Definitely a memorable Christmas.

Merry Christmas Eve...

Our baby basil finally completely died, and these tulips replaced it:

They open during the day and then close up at night!

We were supposed to fly to Boston last Monday, but cancelled because of all the snow and worries about getting back. So, this week we've been shopping, eating, drinking, and mostly just hanging out at home doing nothing.

It's Christmas Eve, and cold outside, close to 50 degrees. Yesterday was warm, in the 60s.
Tomorrow, we'll drive to Houston, have Christmas dinner in a hotel restaurant, then pick up the kiddos for their Christmas morning. Wonder if they will be able to tell that the RockBand instruments have been well used already? I just can't wait to see how impressed they are that we are so good at it!

painted concrete floors

I really like the industrial look of our painted concrete floors, but seriously, how am I supposed to mop this?

did i mention i love this little printer?

I'm completely fascinated by the pogo, as evidence by the fact that I grab my phone to take a photo of the tiny photo (sticker!) coming out each time: