Quarter Year Resolution Update (with random pics to illustrate)

Four months have past since the New Year's Resolutions were made. I haven't done very well so far:

1- Wake up earlier. Nope. Except for a week after Rome when I must have been really off, and this week when the little birds woke me up before 9. Husband thinks this should not be a goal at all, since apparently for me more sleep = less grumpy, and he's probably right.

2- Exercise every day. Ok, nope. Failed miserably at this one. But, I've been really good at eating healthily (and even cooking lots - loving roasted vegetables!), so that should count here, I think.

3- Get dressed before lunch. Again, nope. But, almost always dressed and makeup on after lunch, which sort of counts, right?

4- Keep the house clean. Yes! With very few exceptions. We've had a few surprise visitors and little to no embarrassment.

5- Read unread book stack, 1 per month. I started off pretty well at this, and read three books in January - 2 from the stack, 1 new. Pretty much skipped February and March, but read two more books this month, but not from the stack: The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia and Confessions of an Heiress by Paris Hilton. To counteract Paris, I started on War and Peace. So, I'm gonna consider this a success and just make sure I read two more out of the stack this month.

6- Learn to play guitar. Yes! Of course, I haven't really learned to play yet, turns out it's not easy at all (for me). But I've taken a lesson most weeks and practiced at least every other day since January, so I'm definitly on my way with this one.

(Then there are the things that I should have made resolutions because I've rocked at them this year: shopping, watching Sex and the City, picking up the drycleaning, reading style blogs...)

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