Finally, Rome. It rivals New York City for my favorite city on earth. I did not want to come home, which is unusual for me after a week-long trip. People were friendly and fun to watch, the language was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, shopping was everywhere, food was wonderful, wine and cappuccinos were the best anywhere, and every street was just incredible.

I was pretty scared before we went after reading so much about pick-pockets, but we made it through with no problems. I would say, ignore most of that, just be careful - I am everywhere -and keep hold of your valuables, especially in a crowd. And just to be safe we avoided buses and subways, which was easy to do if you stay downtown where you can walk just about anywhere you want to go. Late February to early March is the perfect time to go, I think. I wasn't crowded at all yet, but everything was open.

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