For 2014, my resolutions are basically the same as they are every year, but this year it's plain that they fall into broad groups that I still need to work on:

Live my truth. This means doing something about whatever it is you are passionate about. Your own tiny little part to try to change to world. For me, it's pretty obvious that I need to do something to help animals, or help the people who are helping to make a difference for animals. Also, it means a recommitment to not eating them, which obviously has a direct impact.

Treat my body kindly. And here's where the vow to exercise comes in. But more than that, I need to find a balance. More exercise, learn some meditation maybe, eat more whole foods, drink less coffee and alcohol. Maybe even make it to some annual checkups. 

Make a happy home. By happy, I mean welcoming and peaceful. For me, this means keeping things clean, really clean, and uncluttered all the time. It means little things, like changing light bulbs and batteries right away, instead of being annoyed for a week or two and finally getting to it. Keeping healthy snacks around so we can stay at home rather than going out, unless we want to. Keeping candles lit and music playing.  Basically, anything that makes us feel at home goes here. Also, limiting the things that come into our home and making sure only the things we love get to stay here.

And lastly, remember. This means blogging, taking pictures, and doing something with them. This blog is a diary for me; it means making the time to reflect. What does it mean for me to go five months without posting? It's no coincidence that the years I blog a lot, I accomplish my resolutions far more than the years I don't blog. This is something I need to do. I also want to keep taking a lot of pictures and start doing more things with them. First up, make an album of this years' European road trip and sending photos to people (I have some from last March taken specifically for the grandparents that haven't gotten to them yet.). 

Here's hoping 2014 is a happy one.

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