I'm writing about deodorant. Wow.

UPDATE: It's been two or three weeks since I started using the natural deodorants, and the Tom's actually didn't work very well. Or at all. The first few days, I layered them both and was hyper sensitive about whether they were working, if you know what I mean. When I was comfortable enough, I tried the Tom's by itself and it just didn't work. But the good news is, the Jason worked great. I like it better than my old deodorant. And, since I kept seeing all these paraben-free lables, I looked up parabens on Wikipedia. Sounds like they are nasty stuff to apply to your underarms. Even though it hasn't been scientifically proven to cause cancer yet, the link is there so why take the chance.

So, one of the things I've decided to do is gradually replace my makeup and toiletries with products that 1) don't contain animal products, 2) aren't tested on animals, and 3) are more "natural." I also have extremely sensitive skin, so fragrance-free/non-irritating is also a must. Since I ran out of deodorant, that's where I started first.

I was pretty happy to find a good selection at my normal grocery store, and picked these two up. (For some reason, some were by the normal toiletry aisle, and some were by the vitamins aisle.) My husband thinks that cruelty-free labeling is a marketing gimmick - I have no idea whether any deodorant contains animal products for instance - but I'm happy to put my dollars towards a company that thinks marketing about not being cruel to animals is worthwhile.

I was very skeptical whether "natural" deodorant would actually work. And both the ones I tried do, in fact I think they may work better than my old stuff.

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