2012 resolutions

For New Year's Eve, we watched the downtown fireworks from our balcony. The air was covered in smoke.

This year, I'm a bit at a loss on resolutions. Last year, I had a hard time enforcing them, or even caring about them, so they weren't very effective to say the least. I think overall, this year I want to focus more on the big picture, rather than obsessing over all the little things that happen. I want to keep enjoying life day-to-day, but also figure out what my life's journey is supposed to be.

Here's the bulleted list, pretty much the same as always:

  • Read: at least one book a month, and, read In Search of Lost Time for my 2012 long classic.
  • Be healthy: eat better (more fruits and veggies), exercise, cut out (err, cut back on) bad habits.
  • Like the way I look: exercise, regular hair cuts, spa visits, put on makeup, paint nails, get out of pjs.
  • Do things I enjoy: cook, listen to music, take photographs.
  • Learn something new: take a class, learn guitar, learn a language?
  • Keep my environment clean and organized, includes de-cluttering and not accumulating.
  • Do something good: recycle, volunteer?
  • Explore this city before we leave.

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