perfect wedding

At the end of April, I flew up to Vermont to witness my sister's wedding to her long-time partner. She had a very intimate wedding, did it on a very small budget, and perfectly. She had all of the small, and mostly inexpensive, touches that make a wedding a wedding, instead of just a trip to the court house. It's pretty astounding how little you need to make it really special: flowers, a cake to cut, the right attire, and a photographer. That's pretty much it.

She ordered a small strawberry-filled cream cake (not technically a wedding cake, which saved a bunch) from a local bakery to pick up the day of, and topped it off with a personalized ceramic cake top from etsy.

She bought an actual wedding dress - short, but satin, beaded and flouncy, and killer sparkly blue heels.

The bouquet was really important to her, and where I think she spent the bulk of money. She ordered a custom brooch bouquet with personalized details, also from etsy. And then picked up fresh hydrangea stems for the girls from a local supermarket the morning of.

Tiny touches.

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