Oh, man.

Reading some of the press about the chicken industry after the crazy tornados in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I was reminded again how gross and awful the conditions are for chickens raised for consumption. I'm not completely against eating meat, but the gruesome living conditions make me sick. I looked into the labeling and guidelines to see if there was an easy way to buy ethically-raised chicken, but it seems that almost all of the terms are misleading and not really enforced, and that even the best conditions aren't that great.

I think my plan is to just stop eating chicken all-together. We already eat very few eggs, I use them rarely for baking, so it's no big deal to buy the more expensive organic and cage-free ones. Supposedly, this website here will tell you the most humane choices at your grocery store. I'm not sure how accurate it is or what it all means, but I guess it's better than nothing?

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