The Constellations

Wow. So, last Thursday we went to see The Constellations play at The White Rabbit in San Antonio. We've been wanting to see more music, love them, and found out they were coming and playing at a small venue. Perfect. Ordered our tickets ($12, c'mon) and took a taxi there so we could drink all we want and not worry about how to get home.

Ok. The venue was pretty sketchy, opened late and horribly disgusting bathroom, but they have a pizza shop attached with really decent pizza and beer, so we did that while we waited. In total four bands performed that night. The first, Heavy Feathers, a local band with a blues rock feel. There weren't bad, but I swear, husband and I were the only two people watching them. The only two. It was embarrassing and a little awkward, I felt so bad for them!

So then, here's the cool part, we got to meet them! The Constellations! My sweet husband asked Elijah to autograph my shirt, and he did. He - all of them - were actually really really nice. We bought a few rounds of beer (seriously, they make bands buy there own beer? How messed up is that?), talked to them for a while, watched them perform from like a foot away, because again there were so few people, maybe like 15 in total in the whole stage area, so we were right there.


They were so good live too, maybe even better because they really looked like they were having fun and I think his voice was even better live, really incredible. And, here's another really cool part, he dedicated a song - Felicia - to me. To me. Yep, said my name and everything. Can you believe it?

After they finished, we skipped the next bands and went back outside and hung out with them some more. By then, I was pretty drunk, (by the way, how do they perform so well after drinking like that? Crazy.), and probably a little bit stalker fan once the inhibitions went away, but, oh well, our taxi came right then so we bolted anyway. It was a crazy, awesome, perfect night.

If you haven't listened to The Constellations, go do it now. They are so good, energetic and original and the singer has a really great voice. Just go ahead and buy Southern Gothic, it's my favorite album right now. And the fact they were so totally cool makes me love them even more.

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