summer style, again

I knocked a few things off my little summer beauty list with a trip to Ulta a few weeks ago:

The Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil (which I do not plan to use for tanning! I stick to high spfs on the body and higher spfs on the face if I'm going in the sun). I love the smell though, so thought it would make a good summer-y body lotion. But I forgot my #1 rule for body lotion/oils - make sure it tastes good. The this stuff tastes real chemical-ly, and I absolutely refuse to cover myself with bad-tasting stuff right before I get into bed (because, well.). I think I'll just stick with my Suave Cocoa Butter with Shea Body Lotion, which has a very light smell, and no taste at all. Seriously, it's so cheap, but it's the best stuff I've found by far.

But for the mornings, Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Spf 30 smells just like the oil, isn't greasy, and adds a little protection for running around town.

Instead of Bumble and Bumble, I picked up Fekkai Summer Hair Marine Beach Waves, which I immediately used and really like. It makes a messy, full look:

I literally can't remember the last time I blow-dried or flat-ironed my hair and I only even comb through it at night after a wash and then just fall asleep while it dries.

I still need to pick up some Lolita heart-shaped glasses (Did you know they don't make even one appearance in the movie, and are just famous from the movie poster?):

I wish I would've bought these in Amsterdam, they had racks of every color imaginable for 4 euros. I thought I was too old for them then, but I don't care anymore!

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