memorial day

Today we pick up the boys for a long summer vacation, which means last weekend was our last weekend in a while with just me and D. And we sure did fill it up!

Day 1:

Shorts shopping after work in which I find that Lucky Brand tank tops have it all over Old Navy's. I also found some short-shorts that I proceeded to wear the entire rest of the weekend.

Then an hour or so of our normal Rockband playing and guitar playing.

Then had a minor roach incident on the porch and walked over to the bar to get away for a few minutes. Seriously, how can there be so many roaches?

We had a beer and listened to a band, that was really just two guys with lots of gadgets but were really good, and then met up with our neighbors and hung out for a while.

Day 2:

Drove to Austin to hit up a few vintage stores. One was closed, two were really small, and one was Buffalo Exchange (which takes so long to look through we had to take a break mid-way through for to eat a hawaain hamburger - with teriaki and pineapple - from TEX Burger 2. It was simultaneously good and gross. I couldn't decide which was more.). I was very impressed by my husband, whom I couldn't really imagine shopping at thrift/vintage stores. He found some good stuff: couple t-shirts, gray jeans, and two pairs of shoes! I found a cute dress and a couple band t-shirts.

Vintage Rick Springfield:

Drove home, then stayed out on the porch until 3:30 am, drinking beer and wine with all of the neighbors. I love our apartment building!

Day 3:

Slept in!

Wore newly thrifted band t-shirts (that I washed that morning)!

Ate sushi in record time, and made it to the early showing of Date Night, and it was very funny. I love Marky Mark as an actor.

Walked over to the nearby bar and shared a ice cream brownie thingie (soooo good) and then sat outside on listening to the band for a while.

Then guitar, rockband, and bed.

Day 4:

Sex and the City 2. With a girlfriend. Can't remember last time I went to the movies with anyone except myself or D. or the boys. It was weird. The movie inexplicitly made me really sad, and it stuck with me for the rest of the night. (Date Night was so funny but made me a tiny bit sad too. I'm tired of seeing married couples that aren't happy with each other in movies: Get a divorce and find someone that you can't wait to come home to. Or don't get married in the first place.)

Then D. and I went to a nice Mexican restaurant, instead of the normal hole-in-the-wall, and had some margaritas and shrimp tacos. I need to just stick to comfort food like cheese enchiladas, but for some reason whenever we go to the nice places I switch it up and order something new, then regret it and think how much better I prefer the cheap-y places.

Then we watched a 30 Rock and Blow-Up, a 60s' movie which was pretty much exactly what I expected it would be, except with less Jane Birkin and no Bridgitte Bardot, and more screaming mimes. Let's just say I won't be getting it on dvd.

And then the weekend was over. But today summer vacation starts!

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