It's not quite summer time, there's still a really nice breeze at night that makes it bearable to be outdoors, and we've gotten new chairs for our shared patio, and so the weekends have been full of sitting out with a beer or glass of wine and hanging out with whatever neighbors happen to be around and hanging out. It's so nice to actually have friends around, people you don't mind running into and actually like socializing with. I haven't been this un-hermit-y in a long, long time.

A couple weekends ago my sister-in-law came to visit and it was the best, most relaxing weekend in a long time, full of drinking and talking and listening to music, and most of all, eating! Some of the highlights, eating wise:

I love the ground here, it is covered in bottle caps:

Other weekend highlights: church converted to bar, margaritas at the riverwalk, meeting wine-bearing new neighbors, crazy-detailed Mexican folk art:

(Of course, I didn't take enough pictures, so the stolen ones are linked back to where they came from.)

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