Yesterday was a good day. Driving and talking and stopping to eat. So warm and sunny in San Antonio, but colder and grayer and mistier the farther we drove. I love it to feel "like Christmas", but I hate it to be dark at 5:30!

Hubby drove and drove and I put my feet up and sang. I was pretending to be a cowgirl yesterday, with a flannel shirt and my cowboy boots - outside of my jeans even. But they came off in the car, and I rocked the striped socks instead.

I forgot to say this before but The Holiday is one of my favorite movies ever in the whole world. I don't even count it as a Christmas movie, not really. I particularly love Graham - note I did not saw Jude Law! I pretend like my hub would be just like him if he were widowed before instead of divorced - a sobbing, funny, adorable mess. (I have a cow and I sew!) I love this movie more every single time I watch it.

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