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Goodbye, city lights:

So, we are back in Texas after a week in San Diego. The weather here is exactly the opposite of there: hot and raining. Seriously, I was all in a fall mood from wearing my leather jacket and eating pumpkin pie in California and now it is impossible to believe it is October. On the plane, totally inspired by Julia Child, I was making lists of fall recipes I could cook - clam chowder, pumpkin soup, squash risotto - and now it feels ridiculous.

The long plane ride was awesome; I love first class. It's one of the really pretentious things that I adore (it doesn't count since it was a free upgrade, right?). They had a little tv on the back of my seat and I watched The Proposal (which I had been wanting to see, it was so funny and cute, I couldn't stop laughing out loud), and ate a pretty great lunch (compared to the cheeseburger in a bag they usually have on the plane) and the seats are so comfortable and spacious.

Today, I have nothing to do but laundry and catching up on my tv shows that I watch every week via internet (The Hills and The City) and itunes (Mad Men and America's Next Top Model).

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