bunch of completely random stuff...

I haven't used my big camera in so long I can't even find the battery charger. But I want to find it so I can learn to make sun/rainbow/lens flares, and starbursts, in my photos, like this:

Aren't they pretty? All her pictures are...

Made acorn squash soup and BLTs for dinner a couple nights ago:

The soup is so easy to make and so good for you, except that I substituted bacon fat for the olive oil. Bacon makes everything better. I'm trying for a theme of mostly orange food for the rest of October.

I love my recipe binder, with my first recipe I think I've ever saved (New England Clam Chowder from Domino magazine, which coincidentally I am making tonight) in the cover:

Halloween costumes make me so happy! Although both boys picked scary costumes, I've never dressed up as anything scary in my life (except once a dead girl in my friend's movie). I bet it's fun, maybe next year. I would've never dreamed a 10-year-old in a clown mask could be this scary:

It'll be a trio of scaries...

and me!

I've decided I want a costume to dress up in for everything, like Christmas and St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day...

My iPhone gets picture messages now, and it is so awesome, they come in cute little picture thought bubbles:

(that's my sister's new kitten)

And my new makeup station, a vintage train case from etsy:

The apartment's only mirrors are in the bathroom, which has absolutely no counter, and the kitchen backsplash, which is where I usually put on makeup and fix hair. This should help.

And lastly, maybe the best photo ever - don't get mad baby! - by Lorenzo Agius:

I got excited thinking maybe this was a promo photo for a new movie, but no such luck...

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