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I've been craving brownies, and this recipe is good. I baked them in a floured silicon muffin tin so they came out chewy in the center with the hard crust on every one (am I a genius or what?). I ate them for dessert yesterday and for breakfast today, I just can't stop. Next time I will definitely make a half batch instead since I have basically no willpower. (Haven't exercised in 2 weeks either.)


Mediterranean Shrimp Feta Pasta, doesn't that sound good? Forgot to take a picture, but it's another recipe that I made in the last week or so that I will definitely make again. It was so good and so easy, and all frozen or canned stuff which I can have on hand since I basically never have my car to run errands due to completely random events. Looked so fancy-schmancy too, you could impress people with this, I think my hub was impressed. (Instead of following exactly, I used 1/2 a small jar of leftover drained artichoke hearts and a very small can of drained sliced button mushrooms.)


I got some Greek yogurt dressing to make a salad last week, but it was not good at all as a salad dresssing. So, today, I decided to make falafel to dip into it. I know I'm saying it like it's no big deal, but for me it is such a big deal. I've never even fried anything ever (except eggs). It's not real I guess, since it's just a can of chickpeas mashed up with some onion and stuff, but c'mon, I made falafel! They tasted good on the inside, but they didn't firm up enough and they sort of fell apart when I flipped them in the pan. Next time I would cook longer (until much darker brown) with more, hotter, oil and maybe coat them with bread crumbs or more flour also. Or maybe I'll try this recipe instead.

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