oh, how i love the 90s

The 1990s are back, as evidenced by these pictures, stolen from here, here (via) and here, respectively:

And as evidenced by the fact that my sister's old docs were at $217 on ebay last I checked (with still days to go):

Those aren't her actual boots, as you can see below, hers met an unfortunate early demise from Hurricane Katrina:

This semi-sheer floral number is as close as I've come to living the look:

(A girl at the gas station offered to take this, and even though she cut out our heads, she did manage to get a most of the dress in.)

Since they say you shouldn't wear anything that you were old enough to remember the first time around, and since this looks a lot like a Contempo Casual number I used to wear in high school, this dress has no business anywhere near my body. But I sure do love it anyway.

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  1. i still where them and i love the hell out of them and i sure as hell remember them the first time around!