he was a quiet man. well acted, and different. downside: wasn't a comedy at all, and i just can't take jack bauer's daughter seriously after all the really stupid stuff she did on 24.

sylvia. really good, but so freaking depressing. i hate ted hughes.

trust the man. not very funny, but made me feel lucky about my love life. and i like maggie gyllenhaal.

3:10 to yuma. one of the best movies i've seen in a long time. loved russell crowe in it. not boring.

hamlet. so good, loved this. i am partial to modern shakespeare interpretations though.

gangs of new york. too sad and too long. took a while to get into it. but not too bad.

peewee's big adventure. funny i remember this being about him saving animals, and forgot all the stolen bike stuff. worth it to watch with kids for the large marge scene, which gave me nightmares as a child. hilarious.

underdog. this one surprises me that the kids get so much genuine pleasure out of it. i expected it to be too young for them - they love star wars and lord of the rings - but they laughed out loud and were on the edge of their seats.

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