(These photographs have nothing to do with this post, but I really loved this editorial in Elle's March 2011 issue. It's Katy Perry, of course, shot by Carter Smith. [via])

So, I had a little thought about the resolutions. I've been sucking so much on them, I thought it may be helpful to break them up into tiny doable parts. So, with that in mind, here's what I want to accomplish this month, resolution-wise:

Read: Finish the books that I've already started on: A Spy in the House of Love, I Am Ozzy, and Jude the Obscure.

Eat healthier: One piece of fresh fruit a day. Insanely doable.

Cook more: Make one new recipe. An actual recipe and not just throwing things together.

Play guitar better: Pick up the guitar one time and play it.

Like the way I look: Get a hair cut.

Exercise: Exercise one tiny time. Just do it.

Keep keeping the house clean: Spray for bugs, since winter's over and they are all starting to come out.

Wake up early: This one is super easy but I always forget: Set my alarm.

Diary/Blog and photos: Take a picture every time I put on a dress/skirt. Or red lipstick.

Improve day-to-day apartment living: Order that vacuum!

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