February 2011 update

Home. And for the first time in a while, I'm not already packing for the next trip. I have two weeks to soak it up before we head out again, this time with the kiddos. February was a wonderful, fleeting month, although it was not a good month for resolutions:

Read: The one resolution I'm excelling at, in large part to all the time spent in airports and hotel rooms. This month's reads were Angels Dance and Angels Die, Alice I Have Been, One Day - only three? seems like there were more - and I've already started reading A Spy in the House of Love, I Am Ozzy, and Jude the Obscure. I think, once again, that if I can read (or donate) all the unread books in this house, I will buy a Kindle.

Eat healthier: Way too much airplane food, again, and way too much beer, wine, and mixed drinks (we were on "vacation" for half the month...). The worst day was in Disney World when I had a huge plate of chicken nachos and beer for breakfast, a giant hot fudge sundae (with whipped cream, of course) for lunch, and popcorn and a bottle of wine for dinner.

Cook more: Again, being out of town meant most of the meals were eaten out. I was super proud for cooking whenever we were home, and am going shopping today for this week's meals. My favorite moment was cooking dinner the one day we were home in between Florida and New York, using all of the things that happened to be left in the fridge/pantry. it was simple: whole wheat pasta with shrimp and a sauce made of olive oil, diced tomatoes (canned), gorgonzola cheese, and wilted (fresh) spinach. It was a complete experiment and it was divine!

Play guitar better: Seriously, I don't even know if this is still a resolution. I haven't picked up the guitar yet in 2011.

Like the way I look: I still need a hair cut. And some exercise.

Exercise: Nope, not even once. Again, not since 2011 started. I keep saying it's not too late, but in two weeks we leave for a beach trip.

Keep keeping the house clean: Yes! Even for being away so much, house looks very decent. I also purchased a Bissel Pet Hair Eraser, which I think is the best $30 I've ever spent. It removed cat hair from all the upholstered surfaces in seconds. I think I'm going to buy this next to cut down on sweeping time.

Wake up early: Yes, and no. Mostly no.

Diary/Blog and photos: Only 12 blog posts for February means I haven't even done this half of the days, but at least I'm consistent. And sad to say, the camera didn't come out in Florida or New York, although the phone camera did.

Improve day-to-day apartment living: Good reminder that I need to just order the vacuum, instead of continuing to ponder it.

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