day at the spa

Today, I went with a friend and got a facial for the first time. I would have probably never gone alone, or without having her describe step-by-step what was going to happen, because I am the kind of person who gets really stressed if I have to do something without being able to visualize every step and know that I will know exactly how to act. It's okay when I'm doing new things with my husband - he'll protect me! - but alone, no way. I've gotten better, but that doesn't extend to voluntary events like facials.

The verdict: It was fun! So fun that I would do it again, even alone. I wouldn't go, say, before an event to make my skin look great (I didn't really see a difference), but I would go just for a relaxing, indulgent experience. My lady also told me two things about my skin: 1) it's dehydrated and that I need to drink much more water, and 2) I don't have very much sun damage (which totally validates my SPF 70!).

The most exciting part, for me, was that I splurged on a brand-new grown-up skin-care line! No more drugstore facewash, now I have a multi-step regimen, including daily cleanser and moisturizer (and soon eye cream, they were out), and weekly clay mask and retinol cream. I have been really annoyed at my skin for a long time, and am really hopeful that this will improve/prevent things. But mostly, I just feel grown-up.

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