Since we got netflix (in my opinion the best use of modern technology ever; I don't know why we lived without it for so long.), I've been watching Julie & Julia in the background a little bit almost every day. At the theater, I had mixed feelings about this movie, but in bits and pieces I really love it. In fact, now I think I may like the Julie part even better than the Julia part.

Anyway, it reminded me of cooking, and how much I like to do it. Not the kind of cooking that you do because you need to eat dinner - I do a lot of that - but the kind where you pick out a new recipe and shop for the ingredients and hold your breath to see if it turns out ok.

I have my binder full of recipes that I like and know how to make, but I think now I want some cookbooks. I am generally wary of cookbooks because they are full of things I know I will never make. (I thought about Mastering the Art of French Cooking, but after flipping through it, knew for me it would be purely decorative.) But lately, I've settled on a couple that I think will be really good:

Everyday Food, Great Food Fast: I looked through my sister-in-law's copy a long time ago and then looked at it again recently at borders and I like this one a lot, problem is every recipe that I really want to make needs a food processor. Guess I need to buy it and a food processor, which will make for a lot of wasted space if I end up using neither.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Came across this book randomly at the bookstore and recognized it as a blog I used to read. Since I've cooked a couple recipes from the blog already, I think it's already a keeper. A plus, really detailed pictures for all the steps.

(Hey, this reminds me of another good recipe blog with a similar theme:

Best of the Best from Louisiana II: I've been looking for a cajun/southern style cookbook for a while and I'm pretty sure this is the one we had when I was growing up. I don't think my mom really used it all that much, but I think I remember making some dessert recipes from it.

Ok, back to how great netflix is:

Netflix has the best old movies, that you can watch instantly - meaning whenever (!) you want and as often as you want (!). Movies you love (or used to love) but don't really need that many dvds hanging around (in case you can't tell, I'm all about getting rid of clutter). Movies like Drop Dead Fred, Romeo & Juliet, Dracula, Labyrinth, Cat's Eye, Me Without You, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind... there are so many more I can't list them all!

Does anybody remember this awesomely weird old movie?

I used to watch it when I was a kid - it was always on tv it seems like - and I loved it because I loved little Drew back then... and James Woods! I didn't realize until just now that it was Steven King.

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