home alone (in pictures)

Seriously, I hate being in this apartment alone at night. I usually watch movies/reality tv all night until I finally collapse. I hate taking a shower when I'm the only one home, too many scary movies I guess, and I even hate making coffee in the morning when I know I am the only one here to drink it. Boo hoo. Anyway, I really respect people who live alone, especially in scary cities.

Went to the show yesterday to see Julie & Julia, and wasn't too impressed. I think I would've preferred a straight-up biography of Julia Child's life (I like her! What an interesting life...), or Julie Powell's story, the two stories together felt pretty forced. I love Amy Adams, but didn't find she was that likable in the movie, I couldn't care less if she got her duck boned or whatever. I youtubed Julia Child when I got home, and realized I had actually never seen her in my life, I think if you like/know her you might appreciate the movie a lot more - the three old ladies that were in the theater with me cracked up through the whole thing. Seriously, there were only three other people in the theater:

I like Julia Child for the same reason I like Van Gogh, she decided one day she wanted to do something and did it until she was great:

What do I want to do?

After the movie, I picked up last night's dinner:

I've wanted it since I read The Great American Dessert Bonanza, I plan to eat my way through that post by the way. The ice cream was so good... but still not my favorite B&Js.

The movies I rented all turned out to be good, and worked well together. Seemed like there was a theme:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang especially surprised me because I had never even heard of it. I really liked it, may have to rent it again when hub is here. Who doesn't like Robert Downey, Jr. - he is such an awesome actor. If you haven't seen Fur, you need to watch it right now!

Ooh, new cd's too. I'm not sure why I still insist on buying real actual cds instead of just itunes downloads. I guess because we've lost a couple of laptops/ipods already.

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