random iphone pics

I changed my computer's wallpaper to this beach photograph because I am so ready for summer, and because I love the colors in it.

I pretend I'm there while I drink my coffee in the morning. (I found it here, but unfortunately, don't know where she found it...)

I've gotten in the habit of running errands on Wednesday's after guitar lessons, including going to a certain grocery store, and every time I leave I buy a mineral water to drink on the way home and pretend I'm in Rome. Everyone, apparently, drinks mineral water there even with meals, so, when we were there, we did too. I couldn't stand mineral water before the trip, and still don't like it now, except that it reminds me so much of Rome.

I took some through-the-window pics to catch the Texan wildflowers on the drive last Sunday, and I guess I should have rolled the window down.

I also play a lot of iPhone solitaire on the drives, and last Sunday I made it to 1000 games won without having to quit even one! I consider that my greatest accomplishment... even though it's a very easy form of solitaire called Eight Off.

This may be weird to take a picture of, but look how dark the bathtub water turned when I was hand-washing my purple sarong! Crazy! I love things that remind you of things, for instance, deciding on the purple one when I was buying this sarong from a man walking down the beach in Mexico in 2005.

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