I woke up early, got dressed (makeup!), and it's not noon yet. And, I scheduled my first guitar lesson for tomorrow.

This story is so silly... We've been playing so much Wii RockBand and I am pretty much the best on the guitar, while D. is best on the drums. It's so much fun that we started wanting to learn how to play in real life. So, now we need a guitar. We visited guitars last weekend at the store, then went home and watched youtube videos of people playing all kinds of different guitars, then researched and read and read about the ones that we thought sounded the best. I didn't realize that they can sound so different, I also didn't realize that I would have strong opinions about the way I wanted mine to sound (or not sound). Anyway, I pretty much picked the one I wanted based on the internet, and then we went back to the music store, and just told the guy we knew nothing and here is what we want to be able to do and he picked the same guitar. Sign, right?

Look how pretty it it - I swear the color wasn't the main concern, but it may have been the clencher:

I also love the guitar strap we picked for it:

I can see why people would start collecting guitars, they are all so different. I think one like this is coming home next for D. (!):

Seriously, I love this guitar so much that I want to learn how to play it. Seems backwards, but I guess that is ok. Back to the lessons - I'm excited but mostly scared. It feels like the first day of school. It feels like I'm too old and unhip to start this, but I'm going to do it anyway!

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