guitar lessons

I need a haircut, badly. Add to my new year's resolutions the getting of a haircut more often than every 6 months...

Had the first guitar lesson yesterday. It was not bad at all, pretty helpful in getting over my social anxiety. I was really torn between dread and excitement. I know it seems little, but I really think I need to do more things like this to keep from becoming a completely anti-social hermit.

Things I learned that I pretty much already knew:
This electric guitar is not like the guitar in Wii RockBand.
It is heavy.
It hurts your fingers.
I'm not going to break it.

I also learned a bunch of things I didn't know, an easy version of Mazzy Star's Fade Into You (one of the prettiest songs ever) and a G Major scale, and this guitar is definitely going to take me a lot of practice to be able do.

This man, on the other hand, took about 5 minutes to pick up the guitar and play from memory the scale that I am still working on translating the diagram for:

He's going to be a great guitar player. It's the first thing he goes for when he comes in the door, at lunch and after work. I visited his guitar yesterday:

It's pretty sweet. And then we will need two more for these guys:

(this little dude is hooked on his saint's jersey. he opened it, put it right on, and then put it back on every day after that.)

(ignore the messy house - it was the middle of Christmas vacation week!)

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