lavanila laboratories

I picked this up on impulse for a little Christmas present to me last time I was in Sephora. The scent caught me on the way down the aisle, and it was $28 for 4 mini rollers. I'm actually really glad I bought it. Most perfume, even if I love the scent, gives me a headache when I try to wear it, but this doesn't at all (maybe 'cause it's all-natural?). They came in a little box, with a note key listing all the stuff in each one.

I like the pure vanilla and the vanilla grapefruit best, hubby says he likes them too, and the vanilla coconut (smells like suntan lotion and beach cocktails) may be a favorite in the summer. I don't care for the vanilla lavender very much, but I am not much of a lavender person.

It's very easy to put on just enough with the oil roller, and I can keep one in my purse and one in my makeup bag to remember to put them on. I've been wearing perfume much more often since I bought these, and I will definitely replace them when they're finished.

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