style resolution

i discovered at the start of winter that my closet was filled with nondescript black sweaters and jeans. i've since been keeping my eyes open for clothes that bring me pleasure, as well as people with style that i like. a lot of this research has been done in the airport, watching ever so many people flock by with the occasional girl that just looks right. this style seems to be a mixture of simplicity with just a hint of something else. it's girly--i should say feminine, a little retro or old-fashioned, and pretty without being lolita.

i spent one sleepless night reading the whole hel looks site and there were a few girls with styles i liked (enough to bookmark): nettamilena, and milla. beside all being way younger than i am, these girls are all wearing pretty dresses, skirts, and tights. i also spent a while pouring over this blog. i love her pretty clothes (and i covet her paintings and dolls), and also how excited she is over them. too bad this revelation's coming at a very, very, very broke time in life. but one good thing, i also really miss browsing through thrift stores, and you don't really need much money for that...

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