i know, i've already not been doing this every day. truth is, i started a few times, but just didn't like where it was going. plus, i really needed a bigger canvas than 4x6. so, today, i dumped out all of the picture pieces i've been collecting and just started randomly gluing until i thought it was done. gluing onto a leftover gift box from a christmas present, i might add. after, i cut it down until it fit in the scanner, and, viola, today's collage. how fun, nothing at all to lose. the rest of the scraps i'd been saving went into the garbage, i'll start completely fresh tomorrow. oh, except for this ad, that i liked too much to cut and glue. something about it speaks to me. yeah, i know it's a car ad, but i sorta want to frame it. i kinda love it. the left side of it anyway.

(the mf'ing scanner decided not to work, so i'll scan the ad later...)

i've been doing what i usually would call nothing, but today i'll call it collecting inspiration. doesn't that sound nicer than doing nothing? see, i've got lots of time, and nothing to do with my life. so, i'm going to try to do some things that i've always wanted to do. nothing world changing, just a little something to help me feel happier. i've been surfing the net, reading about highly talented and creative people. i'll try to share some of my collection here in the next few days.

ok, here's my things i want to do list:
  • wear more dresses
  • make a doll
  • get a bulletin board
  • make a purse
  • make a quilt
  • cook dinner and dessert once a month
  • frame my pictures
also, here's some things i'm loving right now:
  • eggs in a toast, the one thing i can cook
  • my boyfriend, mr. best in the world
  • the idea that i could do something that i always wanted too (learn how to sew, make dolls, wear whatever i want, etc.)
  • my awesome teacup
  • too much watching 24 and sopranos, seems like a new years tradition now
  • my christmas decorations, i don't think they're coming down anytime soon

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