the longest post ever, and fully illustrated

(college elements from instyle, october 2006.)

i did this a little bit differently today. maybe because i'm having to drink black coffee today. i'm out of creamer. it was too big for the scanner, it's really square, and it doesn't have an actual up or down. i've got some more in store for this one, not sure how it'll work out, but it'll be fun.

i've been surfing, surfing, surfing. at least that's what they called it when i was young. i feel so out of touch with everyone. holed away in this little fairytale apartment. i'm making a conscious effort to at least get out of the bedroom with it's dark red curtains (ok, a red sheet he nailed over the sliding door...) and into the light. i truly love the view from these little windows, street and trees and a hint of water. it's such a small world, this internet world, in the sense that the blogs and such i find and like often have other links to other blogs and shops and such that i already like. it's just sort of funny to find that other people adore and cherish the same movies, books, songs. like you're all being influenced in different ways by the same things. ok. enough.

i've also been watching movies. and tv shows. the new seasons seem to come out around new years so now it's sort of a tradition to get in a years worth of television all at the beginning. i watch the sopranos and 2424 is my favorite, but after 24 hours of it (because of commercials it's actually only about 22 hours of it), i fully expect to be sniped walking down the street. althought the feeling was much stronger in mid-city new orleans after 24. the latest season of the sopranos is giving me some trouble because i'm convinced i heard that tony soprano dies. so i've been waiting and waiting for him to die. to the point that now when he asks me what i think about anything, he then says, i know, tony's a dead man.

i have been loving my membership (which is cooler than netflix, since you can trade them in at the store for other movies free):

v for vendetta. very good, and thought provoking. reminded me of moulin rouge and i have no earthly reason why. becaue i disagree with what i read somewhere that it was the best love story of our time. but isn't evey an enchanting name, although evie's better i think? ooh, and during the movie we had the most wonderful take-out bucket of steamers (clams with load of butter sauce and broth) with a case of negra modelo. how good...

all the king's men. ehhh. skip this and read about huey p. long on wikipedia. it's way more interesting. i'm not sure how they screwed this movie up so much with good actors and actresses and a very interesting man's life to base it on, but they did utterly and completely. so sad, because i do love patricia clarkson, and even precious little jude and they sucked in this. and even kate winslett looked horrible and washed out. so sad. plus, the louisianian (is that a word?) accents were just. so. yucky.

rocky. with the new rocky balboa coming out, he really wanted me to see this, i never have. you know, it was really good. a love story. complete opposite of what i just assumed rocky would be like. i loved the look of it, it looked foriegn or independent, whatever that means. we did some looking up on the internet about good old sly, i had no idea he wrote rocky but, did anyone know he made his acting debut as "stud" in a hard-core porno flim???? he was kinda sexy in 1976, no?

i've been waking up early and not sleeping at night mostly because i am excited about the things i am buying for myself (even though the broke-ness is extreme. it was, after all, a resolution of mine):

i've been lying awake at night dreaming of the pretty, pretty stuff i'm going to create. mind you, this is all on faith since i haven't actually ever created anything except one pair of ugly red shorts for a high school project, one dress that my mom helped me with and one alice in wonderland doll from a cut out pattern that may or may not have even been sewed, i can't remember. but i have this crazy faith that i can do it. i want to make: dolls, bunnies, purses and a laptop bag, and dresses. oh, and an apron. and a painting of trees. there may be some heartbreak ahead.

i came across this yesterday and loved it enough to make my own of sorts:

the dna's are even cooler, although i'm not quite brave enough to try that on my own. my lovely boyfriend knew exactly what it was when i showed him the dna portraits, he even went into the cutest explanation about how they do it and who first discovered the restriction enzymes used and even worms that live in a hot vent under the ocean. adorable. last night he fell asleep and i stayed awake to daydream (nightdream?). at one point i went to adjust my position and he caught my hand and squeezed it and pulled me back to his chest, all in his sleep. i almost cried from love. sappy, but true.

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