Home again, for a breather. For one day of unpacking and washing clothes and repacking and petting my kitty. I love to travel, but sometimes I wish it would not come all at once.

We have been in Disney World. Sort of.

Everything is mouse ears here.

We were at a Disney hotel, although honestly we skipped all the parks with the exception of a fireworks/dessert reception at Epcot. The fireworks were very cool and we actually entered into the park gates where it was very crowded, with lots of kids, and over to France, and then finally onto the French Island - it wasn't really an island - where everybody was in line for dessert and the bar lines were empty. Except for us. Go figure.

I don't really like Orlando particularly, or Disney World especially, and I definitely don't see any reason why people would vacation there without children. I also don't think adults should wear clothing with children's cartoon characters on them, unless to bed or workout maybe. That being said, we always have a good time in Orlando, mainly because we stick to the resort and mostly just relax. Highlights of this week:

Dualing pianos playing Crazy Train at our request. I have found my life's calling.
Having the one restaurant that we walked to every day for lunch.
Ordering room service and watching Titanic.
Nachos for lunch and ice cream sundaes for dinner.
Breaking in my beautiful heels.
Drinking a bottle of wine on our little patio in the absolutely gorgeous weather, feeling full of life.

We stayed at the Boardwalk. It reminded me of San Diego, but only a tiny bit.

I also finished two books on this trip:

Jim Morrison and Pamela Coursen were a mysteriously fascinating, beautiful, in-love couple, with a very sad ending. I try to imagine living any part of their lives, and I honestly can't. By far, my favorite of the (few) Jim Morrison biographies that I have read.

Very sad and I could not put it down. I've decided that I dislike historical fiction and don't want to read any more of it. You just shouldn't make up stories about real people.

Tomorrow, we will be in New York, my favorite city on the planet (so far).

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