Black Swan

Hubby took me to see this movie last weekend, and honestly, I have mixed feelings about it. I feel it's the kind of movie that I should like, but I just don't. I hate to be a hater, and I wonder if my feelings were influenced by all the hype surrounding Black Swan.

There were a few beautiful images, and I've been a fan of Mila Kunis since That 70s Show (it's nice to see her getting some stardom) and who doesn't love Winona, but I could have done without and hour and a half of Natalie Portman looking on the verge of tears. It was not even scary (the trailer was!), just stressful to watch. I feel a bit let down, it could have been so much more.

I didn't want to even see it, this beautiful Vogue spread convinced me. You know, I think I expected the movie to look more like the editorial:

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