Fashion Mags

I used to have a problem with fashion magazines: buying too many and keeping them all. Now, I only buy them in airports and periodically purge them when they get too numerous for my small magazine rack. Before I throw them out, I look through each one and rip out any pages that I may want to keep.

Now, it's time to sort through the pile of pages, with the idea of making sort of a style inspiration book (like this).

All my saved images fit pretty nicely into a few categories, that I call: Classic glamour (long leather gloves, white button-ups, and pencil skirts), Grungy+Bohemian (hats, vests, and babydoll dresses), Sexy+Bombshell (red lipstick, corsets and leopard), and Edgy+Rockstar (leather jackets, sequins, and studded jewelry). I'm thinking when I shop, I need to look for elements to move my wardrobe out of the "plain" categories and into any of the above. It's so hard, though, to wear anything but this:

when it's like this outside:

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