pretty nails

I learned to stick to the nail polish colors I know I like, have a few bottles that I wear out then replace, and just say no to impulse buying. But lately, I've been treating myself to a bottle at the grocery store, a I-survived-a-grocery-store-trip-with-the-kids treat that's adding up, so that in addition to my normal dark purple and bright red, I now have Bright blue (Denim Dash) and sparkly fushia (Byte):

Sparkly purple (Purple Pulse), muddy taupe (You Don't Know Jaques!), and a clear coat that changes the finish from shiny to matte:

and of course, two bottles of my favorite purple black (Lincoln Park After Dark):

The collection is, surprisingly, getting a bit heavy on the sparkly side, and I am way too old for that, but it's ok since I'd only use those colors on my toes. That makes it ok, right?

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