for lots of things today:

My antique watch - they were able to fix easily and it runs well and it is ready to pick up! When we bought it they said, well, it was working when we got it, and I was sure we were being scammed and the watch hadn't worked in decades. But that was okay because I would just use it as a bracelet (who really needs a watch to tell time?) But then we opened it to look and see the name on the inside and the inside was incredible clean (and pretty). So we brought to Austin Watch and Jewelry for repair because they had great reviews and, yay, we pick it up today fixed! One more quick thing about my watch - the adjustable metal clasp says patent pending and lists a patent number, which we looked up and the patent was filed in 1931! I love it! I just keep wondering about who wore it; I wish I knew the history.

Rome! From Monday to Monday. But then I realized that since we are driving our 12 hours today and Sunday that only leaves tomorrow to pack! I started yesterday. I'm a little scared about pickpockets or something going wrong, but I'm still pretty excited and feel a little better after reading that Laurie had the same worries and was fine. From what you read, there is no one who escapes Rome with their wallet un-stolen and purse un-slashed, but she did so there's at least one person. I also don't want anyone to squirt mustard on my favorite jacket just to try to steal my purse - I will be so mad if that happens!

I am really a great packer. I've got this down to a science and that is the only reason I am not freaking out right now. This trip is longer than usual and more out of the country than usual, but after Amsterdam, I believe that the people are going to speak English, and it doesn't seem so foreign. I never carry more than one small carry-on and my "weekender" which is big but not so big that I don't sometimes carry it as a purse. Inside of that is a small bag that I use for just my camera and phone when we go out exploring. I'm only bringing one pair of shoes, my moto boots, because they are comfy and work with jeans and dresses. I'm bringing a few pairs of tights because they are tiny to pack and can be worn alone or layered under jeans if it's too cold. Pretty much the only thing I'm worried about is being cold, because I am never sure what the weather will feel like, but I'm bringing enough layering that I should be ok. You know, maybe I should just make a packing post.

Hair cut! Thank goodness I finally dragged myself to a salon. I swear, I hadn't went in eight months or more and my hair was soooo long and split-end-y and gray root-y. Every time I went in front of a mirror, all I could think was I need a haircut. Well, I got one! My neighbor recommended it, and the online reviews were really great. And I love it, she did a great job listening and giving me what I wanted, and I love that I actually want to go back (and it is easy to get to), so maybe I won't have this same problem in eight months. This is going to sound really stupid, but this is the first time I went by myself to get a haircut in 3 years. And I am a grown women. Unbelievable, right? First, not having a car for a few years, and then not having a place I wanted to go. I feel like more of a woman now!

Oh, this is and old yay! but I don't think I posted it before. It is an old cigar box that my sister made into a decorated music box and sent me a year ago, and I use it as my jewelry box. I keep a few everyday earrings in my night stand, but this is where I store the not everyday stuff. It's so pretty to look at, I love seeing it everyday.

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