handlery hotel

For our trip to San Francisco, we stayed at the Handlery Hotel on Geary Street in Union Square. The hotel was decently inexpensive for the area, and had a great location. Our tiny (the petite) room felt more like a guest bedroom in an old house (maybe in part to the light blue walls, which to me is a bedroom color) than a neutral hotel room.

My favorite part of the hotel was this:

A outdoor courtyard in the middle the hotel completely sequestered from the busy Union Square (read: panhandlers). Complete with pool and even a row of trees. I loved looking up and seeing the sky and other buildings, but couldn't really get good pictures on the iPhone.

My least favorite part of the hotel was this:

The absolute worst shower I've ever been in in my life (much worse than even the corner shower on a cruise ship). It was too small to move much and the shower head was more like a faucet streaming down. If the new apartment didn't have a bathtub so that I get my fill at home, I would've been seriously disappointed.

The street it was on was lined with really great art galleries such as the San Francisco Art Exchange, which would have been the perfect place to build my Varvatos-inspired rock and roll photography collection, if we had a million dollars. Another really neat one was the Art of Dr. Seuss, with some crazy busts - "unorthodox taxidermy":

I love San Francisco. The weather is always great, even raining and foggy, and it's so much fun just to wander around, even with bums and panhandlers accosting you if you stop moving for even a few seconds. But it's nice to be home...

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