guitar lessons

I sort of fired my guitar-lesson teacher and I feel really badly, but oh well, right?

I'm not very good still and I'm improving very slowly, and I'm trying to not compare myself to my husband who I guess is a natural, and this article is helping some:

If you are an artist, if you feel you want to be a guitarist, then, you would really be much better off eliminating the word “talent” from your vocabulary. You should not even be concerned with whether you have any or not. You should only be concerned with how much you love music and the guitar. You should only be concerned with how much you need to do it. Whether you have talent or not is for other people to waste their time wondering about.

I think the boys are going to be naturals too, plus they look so cute playing:

We went from 0 to 4 guitars (well, one is a bass) in two weeks. Guitars are addictive. They are like purses: you can only use one at a time, but they are come in so many shapes and sizes that you have to have more than one.

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