I just can't make myself go to sleep when D. is out of town... the other night I stayed up until 3 am watching movies on Hulu. Specifically, Kurt and Courtney (oooh, bbc conspiracy theory! I am on the verge becoming obsessed with Kurt Cobain, poor guy, I think because D.'s been playing Nirvana on his guitar and we've been listening to them again), 100 Girls (sort of a porn-y comedic teen love story), and Mansfield Park (so good, book is now on my to-read list).

Oh, Hulu also has all the episodes of My So-Called Life available. I will always love this show, it takes me back so exactly to a moment in my life where I am watching it on mtv with my sister in my parent's living room. If you've not seen it, you should.

Today I figured out a genius way to make washing clothes in the laundry-mat bearable... I rented The Ugly Truth from iTunes, put it on my iPhone and brought my little pink headphones with me. It was really good, I was so caught up that I even didn't even check once to see if the clothes were dry, just waited until the dryers went off.

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