Azuca Nuevo Latino

A few days ago, we went over to Azuca, a sort of Latin fusion slash steak and seafood restaurant. The atmosphere and decor were great:

Most of the pieces looked like they came from Garcia Art Glass (located pretty much just behind the restaurant). The chandeliers were gorgeous.

The service was also great, and the food was decent, except this is definitely someplace to split meals. I ordered pork tenderloins and received a platter-sized dinner plate with enough food for at least three meals on it. I think there were a pound of green beans as the side. Here's a picture of something similar from the web site, although my plate was easily triple full compared to this photo:

(I keep saying I'm going to start taking pictures of my food, but always forget. All these food pictures came from the restaurant's web site)

Their cornbread is the best; even after we were stuffed of the entrees we couldn't stop eating it!

There are enough better fusion-ish restaurants at this price point in San Antonio - Acenar comes to mind - that I probably wouldn't go back to Azuca again for dinner (although if you're into quantity this is the place to go). I will definitely check them out again for lunch or just drinks and appetizers; hub and I both agreed that their appetizers were great. Mine was a goat cheese spinach salad with strawberries and toasted pumpkin seeds:

It was so good! And I really don't like mojitos, but I'll admit theirs was pretty good.

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