photos of our apartment - before the packing

Last Saturday, after sushi and The Men Who Stare at Goats, we stopped by on a whim to see a new apartment+shopping complex across from the theater. It seemed so safe there that I think we decided to move right then and there. The next day, we drove around looking at apartments and the next day we made appointments and saw them, and the next day we signed a lease and started moving and by this Saturday we will live there. One week. And when I say we I mostly mean my wonderful, impulsive husband.

I will miss this place, especially the giant windows and all the green and the animals that play in it, the ceilings so high that now half of the lights are burnt out, the massive amounts of storage.

I will not miss looking both ways before you leave the front door, the scary people who bang on your door occasionally, my new car getting broken into, the scary 2nd bathroom that we just closed up two years ago and haven't opened since, the broken stove and the no-bathtub!

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