it's freezing here in sunny San Diego.

Some random things that are making me really happy at the moment:

Makeup! I usually feel like a drag queen when I leave the house in red lipstick, but I think I figured it out: Tiny bit of beige eye shadow, tiny bit of peachy blush, the lightest line of black liquid eyeliner, dots of mascara along the upper lashes, and then the bold red applied with a lip brush. Inspired by looking at these pictures of red lipstick done right (and some others of it done wrong), and by the pretty red lipstick my hub picked out at Sephora (Rouge Dior Replinishing Lipstick in Red Premiere).

Minidresses (a.k.a. the first time having really short legs is an advantage)! After looking everywhere for a basic cotton long sleeved minidress, I found them in dark gray and black at BCBG, except as the salesgirl pointed out, they were tops.

I tried one on, texted this pic to hub who agreed it could pass for a dress, and bought away. I wore one out last night, and I honestly did feel a little but obscene, but I think it was mostly because I kept thinking: Am I too old to be wearing a shirt as a dress?

San Diego! If Gloucester sounds like seagulls, and San Antonio sounds like ambulance sirens, I would have to say downtown San Diego sounds like train bells ringing and wind blowing... Got here the day before yesterday. I love places with a beautiful city view, which San Diego has for sure:

It also has the coolest outdoor mall I've ever seen with, like, 5 stories of zigzaging outdoor walkways and shops (including the above mentioned BCBG and the mini-teeshirt dresses):

My favorite is being able to walk all over. To shopping and groceries and coffee and bookstores and even movie theaters. People are nice too. I would probably live here.

Makeovers! I love them and I love these Model-Morphosis posts [via] showing model transformations for the runway. I always liked seeing how different the same girl can look in various magazines and shows and these posts really show the extent of the amazing things you (well, they) can do with makeup:

Fall coffee! Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks... I love the fall, I especially love pumpkin. I'd been craving one, and am now on my second for the day. Here in San Diego it is freezing (compared to Texas anyway). I brought my iced latte to the pool, then had to go get my jacket, then just had to go in cause the cold wind and iced coffee were too much together...

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