Here is one of my absolute favorite things about south Louisiana: Snowballs! I'm sorry, but there is no way to imagine the greatness if you haven't had one, nothing to compare it to.

I miss these like crazy in the summer. There's at least one snowball stand every few miles in New Orleans, but in I haven't seen one anywhere else in the country (except one in Bourne, Texas that is now closed down).

Snowball stands are essentially little shacks that open in summer and close down in winter:

A snowball is not a sno-cone or shaved ice or anything like that. It is completely it's own thing. Their are tons of flavors and endless combinations, and choosing one is always the hardest although I usually end up getting strawberry cheesecake flavor topped in condensed milk and whipped cream (they were out of whipped cream yesterday). The next best flavor for snowballs is cotton candy, or ice cream, or amaretto, or wild strawberry, or wedding cake. Or even chocolate.

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