new york and boston

Packing, again, for the next week of New York and Boston to include my first train ride (and second through fourth)! The trip should be fun but since I just came back from New Orleans yesterday, I am in the mood to just be home for a while... oh well.

Not looking forward to the early departure, but I am looking forward to (free!) upgrade to first class, which means I'll be sipping on some Bailey's and coffee while everyone else is still fighting for overhead space:

I'm also really excited to see the Avedon Fashion exhibit at New York's International Center of Photography, and maybe the Model as Muse exhibit at the Met:

Now onto some random stuff: 

1 - The cutest little computer for the kids to surf the net and watch lego star wars videos on youtube. I think it's about 7 inches across:

2 - Audio download so I can keep up my walk from the ipod when I'm not at home. And, theoretically, now I can go outside for walks but that's never actually going to happen. (I checked the temperature when I went outside a minute ago because it felt so much cooler than normal, and it was 99 degrees instead of 109 like last week. This heat is so ridiculous.)

3 - A new iPhone app that seems to have some great filters, although I haven't played with it too much yet:

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