it is still july?

last week sometime, we ate this:

Cherry tomatoes with tiny balls of mozzarella, olive oil, and basil harvested from my little neglected plant. However long I leave my little plant, it just takes a dose or two of water for it to perk back up.

I was planning to make a cake from not-scratch for the little one's birthday, but when I cracked one of the eggs into the mix, it was full of bits of blood.

I think that it's supposed to be ok like that, but it looked so gross that I just couldn't, so I threw the whole mess away and started over with this recipe for simple white cake - adding 1/4 a cup of milk and beating the egg mixture for 10 minutes like all the comments suggested. 

It was so good! Every time I make a cake from scratch I am surprised by how good it is, and how easy it is to make. [Except for the chocolate cake I took out of Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book. Actually, maybe the trick is not to get them out of the cookbooks, but to take the ones that people have already made and commented on a zillion times on Allrecipes.]  

I wonder why people bother with the boxes? I like it when birthday cakes don't look too perfect. Or even a little bit perfect:

Every time I bake, I think remember that I love these timers so much:

From Anthropologie, I like looking around the store, but it's not really my style. Always some cute kitchen stuff though, like these little measuring cups I bought for my sister a while ago:

Here's my new neighbor... you can barely see him, but he's laid out on on the branch with his limbs hanging down: 

I thought he was sick or something, because he was there all day.  But the next day he was fine:

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